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nuaia “belong to the moon”
BPCD019, BoogiePost Recordings, 2015


“belong to the moon”, Nuaia’s second album on the Swedish label BoogiePost Recordings, is a continuation of the trio’s voyages in the sonic landscapes between pop, free improv and experimental music.

The album is a collection of undressed indie ballads, with distant cinematic echoes from Blade Runner and Ennio Morricone. Occasionally, a wave of Indonesian gamelan and ambiences à la Brian Eno appears, but regardless of influences, Nuaia is holding on to the the musical and lyrical core. Not a word too much. Rather repetition than unnecessary variation. In a universe where song, drums and acoustic instruments meets electronic soundscapes, personal stories are born, presented with an unusual intensity and presence.

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belong to the moon
don’t know where to turn
where is your heart in this
there is no love
follow, part II
leave it all behind – intro
leave it all behind
my role

sofie norling: vocals, live-electronics
mika forsling: electric guitar, synth guitar, mbira, hank drum, spinet, synths and live-electronics
michala østergaard-nielsen: drums, percussion, vibraphonette, pianet

additional musicians on follow, part II: albin johansson: grand piano
jonne bentlöv: trumpet

all music by nuaia & lyrics by sofie norling

track 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 recorded by thomas vang in the village, vanløse, 2013 & 2014

track 3 & 9 and overdubs recorded by mika forsling in mika ́s home, copenhagen, 2014

track 6 recorded by august wanngren in dublab studio, copenhagen, 2011

trumpet on track 6 recorded by sofie and jonne in hantverkargatan 25, stockholm, 2014

mixed by august wanngren (
mastered by thomas eberger (
produced by nuaia and august wanngren
cover design by mai-britt amsler (

Released with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council

 nuaia “nuaia”

BPCD008, BoogiePost Recordings, 2009

 Nuaia cover billede

The swedish/danish band Nuaia’s self-titled album is capturing three true sound wizards at their finest, making 100% additive-free magic with drums, guitars, voice and electronics. An unusual trust in tranquility, beauty and simplicity makes Nuaia’s debut the most stripped-down album released on BoogiePost to date, but for sure also one of the most intense.

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beneath the shadows
i run
on and on
over the threes

Sofie Norling: vocals
Mika Forsling: guitar/effects
Michala Østergaard-Nielsen: drums/percussion/glockenspiel/organ

All music by nuaia and lyrics by Sofie Norling

Recorded, mixed and mastered by August Wanngren

Produced by nuaia and August Wanngren

Cover design by Mai-Britt Amsler

Released with financial support from the Swedish Arts Council